What if you could make up your own cinema classics ?


As lights go off and conversations die down, from high above a beam of sparkling dust pierces the darkness in a faint and comforting whirr...


Since the arrival of a train in La Ciotat station in 1895, the immutable ritual has been repeated over and over again throughout the world, followed by crowds of faithful and devoted spectators. And in everyone’s imagination pictures on silver screens have replaced the icons of the past.


The paintings of the collection Films de rêve have been inspired by a deeply-rooted fantasy world shared by all of us. Each and every canvas conjures up an imaginary film featuring the gods and goddesses we all know, the very same ones who founded the myth of the 7th art form. Like an archaeologist of the motion picture, the artist Fanny Beury could almost be suspected of having exhumed forgotten film rushes and dug up unsuspected archives never shown to the public - archives that a cinema-lover could only ever have dreamed of. She gives each picture, each story, each movie that never was a unique true-like identity, with real colours, a genuine dimension, and a very truthful ring to it all in fine.


To discover these imaginary movies through the artworks of FIlms de Rêve may well feel like unveiling an unknown side of the history of cinema – unknown because unreal, yet oddly familiar at the same time.


The project may be described as a series of imaginary motion pictures coming to life via oil paintings disguised as movie posters. It makes each imaginary film a unique occurrence via the canvas media, and the painting the sole witness of a movie… that never existed. Some movie duets will seem as mythical as they are untrue. With each piece of the collection, the painter adds a classic to her own and very personal film library. Even if the casts picked to act together on the silver screen of the artist’s fantasy are pure fiction (of the fictitious kind), somehow the motion pictures she tells us about come across as plausible classics…


"Writing a novel or a scenario is about getting characters to meet up,
about living with them : it's the same pleasure, the same work, life intensifies."
François Truffaut


"It's all make-believe, isn't it?"

Marilyn Monroe




PLACE OF BIRTH : Nantes, France

DOB : 1973

LIVES IN : Paris, France

LIVED IN (in previous lives): Nantes (FR), Manchester (UK), Prague (CZ), Jersey (GB), Tunis (Tunisia)


A painter, graphist designer, videomaker and cinema lover, F.Beury creates and paints all the pictures of Films de Rêve. She also writes the movie pitches and fake articles, writes, shoots and edits the short film bonuses featuring in Films de Rêve.


Thank you to Violetta, Peter, Madeleine, Alain, Serge and Thomas for their contributionion to Films de Rêve and to Maryline and Pierre for their unconditional support since day 1.


F. Beury



"A painter must think of everything he sees as
being there entirely for his own use and pleasure."
Lucian Freud