Oil on linen, 100 x 81cm, 2014

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GENRE : Drama

YEAR : 2012

DIRECTION : Alain Resnais

SCREENPLAY : Serge Filippini

STARRING : André Dussollier, Dominique Blanc

PRODUCTION : Studio Canal



Catherine is approaching sixty, she's tired of being a widow. Armand has recently retired and is determined to put an end to his bachelorhood. They meet via an Internet dating website and soon decide to see each other, for an hour. Frustrated by ambiguities borne out of their epistolary exchanges and overwhelmed by the tremendous task of giving a comprehensive account of their past lives, they choose to get to know each other by simulating a relationship from beginning to end, over an hour. Instead of each retracing the course of their lives by means of a monologue, they engage into a roleplay, pretending they have spent the last few decades together. Thus they relive their first fluttering moments together, their imaginary wedding, the children they never had, their professional ambitions, how they lost their parents, why they ended up breaking up – everything is unfolded and run through at high speed. As the game progresses, both Catherine and Armand revisit with emotion the significant events of their existence, exposing themselves to the eyes of the other - the stranger to whom it is possible to say just about anything.



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