Oil on linen, 80 x 40cm, 2013

Available for sale

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GENRE : Dark comedy

YEAR : 2006

DIRECTION : Jafar Panahi

STARRING : Vishka Asayesh, Sarah Doraghi, Shaghayegh Jodat, Peyman Moadi

PRODUCTON : Tolero Films



A trio of female comedians begin the writing of a stand-up comedy show questioning the three main religions and the role of women in Iranian society. The texts are meant to be kept confidential until the opening of the show, but their childhood friend Amir fully supports them and gets involved in the preparation of the texts and the show. Soon however, the religious institutions of the country contact him and Amir’s summoned by the authorities to submit regular secret reports on the potentially subversive contents of the show. Torn between his friendship for the girls and the increasingly strong pressure he’s under to ensure the requested censorship and avoid retaliation, Amir feels trapped…




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