Oil on linen, 100 x 81cm, 2012

Private collection

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GENRE : Thriller

YEAR : 2011

DIRECTED BY : Martin Scorsese

STARRING : John Malkovich, Kate Winslet, Dario Alvarez PRODUCTON : Miramax Films



The banker Norman Gilbert has created a foundation dedicated to the welfare of schizophrenic people – his daughter Mandy suffers from the disease. To facilitate their return into a professional environment, Gilbert asks the employees of his bank to take part in a voluntary mentoring programme in which they're paired off with a sick person during an internship at the bank, and expected to coach them. The banker imposes Mandy to one of his assistant directors Javier. Despite Daddy’s close surveillance, Mandy manages to regularly confide in Javier, accusing her father whom she clearly detests of all sorts of evils - notably embezzling funds via the foundation. Javier tries to put things into perspective when he listens to Mandy vitriolic words and sometimes muddled speech, but when he discovers genuine malpractice in the financial accounts of the company, he begins to see his boss under a new light. The discovery also calls for a change of attitude towards Mandy…




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