Oil on linen, 100 x 81cm, 2013

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GENRE : Drama

YEAR : 1956

DIRECTION : Robert Aldrich

STARRING : Marilyn Monroe (Laura Breaker), Robert Mitchum (James Hutton), Charles Laughton (William Offnung)

PRODUCTION : Warner Bros.



Laura wants to be a movie star. She sets off for Hollywood where she meets William Offnung, a semi-retired agent. Both protective and manipulative with the girl, William can only find grotty contracts for Laura for shots in men’s magazines and acts in seedy strip-tease bars. Laura however becomes attached to the old man, in whom she sees a crossover figure of lover and paternal figure - her sugar daddy. They move in together and Offnung falls deeply in love. When Laura is recruited for a part in a major movie production directed by famous director James Hutton, William is overwhelmed with joy and convinced « his princess » is on her way to stardom. The shooting of the movie progresses and the young actress lives up to everyone’s expectations. Hutton is delighted with her performance. When he receives an anonymous envelope embossed « Laura B » and filled with compromising pictures of the young actress, he chooses to ignore it. Rumors about the scandalous past of the young actress start to spread on the set however, and next Hutton receives an envelope with an article in it involving the actress in the murder of an old man...





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