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Oil on linen, 80 x 60cm, 2014

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GENRE : Drama

YEAR : 1973

DIRECTION : Satyajit Ray

STARRING : Roshan Kumari (Bindu), Nuta, Sharmila Tagore, Shabana Azmi

PRODUCTION : Satyajit Ray



India, 1971. Three years after the opening of Calcutta’s central prison for women, a growing number of detainees seem to develop a strange disease combining the symptoms of clinic depression and those of a brittle bone condition not unlike a premature osteoporosis. At the infirmary, baffled specialists and psychiatrists from all over the country can only observe and record the medical cases as they multiply. A nurse however notices that the mere mention of music and dance seems for a moment to shake the sick women out of their morbid torpor. Bindu the nurse suggests to organise therapeutic sessions of induction to kathak, a traditional dance. The ‘absurd’ idea is dismissed by the medical team of the hospital so Bindu decides to secretly deliver a number of these classes to the detainees. During the sessions, each woman prisoner unveils her own story and strives to come to terms with it. Together they embark on a physical and psychological healing process.





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