Oil onl inen, 100 x 81cm, 2013

Available for sale

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GENRE : Dark Comedy

YEAR : 1992

DIRECTOR : Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro

STARRING : Michel Blanc, Firmine Richard, Jean-Claude Dreyfus, Dominique Pinon




Cousin works as a statistician. He has no ambition, no friends, no family. An empty life. To compensate for his lack of satisfactory human relationships, Cousin adopts a giant python and finds comfort in the way the soon beloved reptile winds himself around him into a tight embrace. Living in Paris with "Big Cuddle" the python sometimes proves difficult : while some people may show curiosity at the sight of the unlikely companion, others are simply horrified. Disappointed by trivial friendships and shocked to find himself turned down by a colleague he hoped to marry, Cousin withdraws into his own world. Feeling alive for him may well turn out to be a simple matter of contingency between luck and fate.




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