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Oil on linen, 100 x 81cm, 2013

Private collection

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GENRE : Romantic drama, historical background

YEAR : 1969

DIRECTION : Sydney Pollack

STARRING : Robert Redford (Samuel Epstein), Romy Schneider (Greta Krausler), Meryl Streep (Marie Levenson), Max von Sydow (Otto Krausler), Klaus Kinski (Wolfgang Krausler), Michael Lonsdale (Bertrand Dumond)

PRODUCTON : Paramount Pictures



Nuremberg, heart of the 3rd Reich ideology, 1945. The American journalist Samuel Epstein is given permission to shoot the trial of 24 of the heads of destitute nazi Germany. As the occupying force, the US request that Sam be assisted by a young rising star of American journalism, Marie Levenson. They record the trial during the day and at night mingle with a delegation of journalists from all over the world. They are all staying in a mansion owned by Herr Krausler, a wealthy entrepreneur who for years remained protected by the nazi regime. Sam meets Krausler’s niece Greta and they fall in love. As days go by and heated conversations about the trial take place in the evening at Krausler’s, Sam realises that a lingering attraction to nazi ideology still prevails in the Krausler family. Through this intense and historical time, Greta and Sam find themselves entangled in a web of both passionate and contrary convictions about love, justice and ideology.




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