Oil on linen, 100 x 81cm, 2014

Private collection

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GENRE : War and spy

YEAR : 2012

DIRECTED BY : Reza Deghati

SCREENPLAY : Norah Niland

STARRING : Matt Damon (Col. Galbraith), Aziz Hakimi (Mullah Rocketi), Cate Blanchett (Kate Clark), Ethan Hawke (Paul O’Brien), Karima Hussein (Karima)

MUSIC : Violetta Donini


SYNOPSIS (by Antonio D.)

Karima is picking pomegranates with her younger brother when armed men attack her small village. They witness the killing of civilians, including their parents. They flee to Kabul where they take refuge in a safe house run by a small NGO.  BBC journalist Kate Clark is investigating the story and travels to the area with UN aid worker Paul O’Brien. Before they reach the village, they are held up and taken hostage by ruthless Mullah Rocketi and his band of mujahideen who accuses them of being American spies.  Meanwhile, the commander of the local NATO base, Col. Galbraith learns that it is his special forces, acting on a tip-off, that have attacked the village in pursuit of a Taliban High Value Target. But there were no Taliban in the village. He realizes that it was a trap and decides to spin a story blaming Mullah Rocketi for the raid. In the meantime, he needs to find the children in to keep a lid on the truth.…



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