Oil on linen, 100 x 81cm, 2011

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TITLE : ABSOLUTION (Japanese poster here)

GENRE : Mystical drama

YEAR : 1949

DIRECTOR : Carl Theodor Dreyer

STARRING : Emil Hass Christensen, Birgitte Federspiel, Axel Mielche, Knud Kristensen, Baard Malberg

PRODUCTION : Tade Nielsen, Ulma Nielsen


SCRIPT : Dragor, a Danish village in 1916. The little boy Mikkel witnesses the rape by some of the community leaders of Gerda, a schoolfriend of his. Mikkel will not talk. Thirty years later, now a minister, Mikkel returns to Dragor. Gerda has become a prostitute, an outcast who doesn’t speak, ostracized by the village people. To alleviate the sense of guilt he’s been feeling for his thirty years of silence, Mikkel will strive to absolve the sins of the prostitute and redeem the girl in the eyes of the population.




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